Off to London to see (some dead) queens

Tomorrow I am off to London. My partner’s work have sent him down there for a course so I am taking advantage of his plush hotel and joining him, we are planning on going to a pub with an amazing wine menu and relax a little. We’ll be staying in Kensington, just along the road from the Natural History Museum and the V&A and just round the corner from the French bookshops I love. I haven’t spent much time in the V&A so I am hoping to remedy this.

Aside from that, I am planning another trip to the Tower. I will sit through the Yeoman Warden’s iffy history once again in order to do my little pilgrimage to the graves of Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey. I wish you could spend a little time there alone but sadly not.

I am also planning a trip to the National Gallery to see the Delaroche exhibition which centres on his spectacular Execution of Lady Jane Grey.

Since I will be in the vicinity, I might pay a visit to Kensington Palace as I have never been before and the Enchanted Palace exhibition looks fun.

Then, when I get back to Edinburgh, Stranger Than Fiction, our new non-fiction writers’ group has its first meeting on the 474th anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution. I am hoping this proves to be a good omen! Art for the site and posters is by my co-organiser Sharon- more of her work at her blog, The Sapient Pig.

In other news- big website revamp is being planned.

3 thoughts on “Off to London to see (some dead) queens

  1. Colin Salter

    Hi Gillian, good to meet you at Stranger Than Fiction last night – thanks for getting it off the ground. It was great to meet other sufferers and share experiences and swap moans! Does Ralph Sadleir come into your Anne Boleyn stuff at all? I know he served Henry VIII, and I have an 1801 edition of his state papers (he’s my 7x great uncle or something!). See you next month – keep in touch.

  2. Gillian Post author

    Thanks, Colin. It was nice to meet you I’m glad the meeting on Weds went so well. We will have to sort out the date for July asap.

    I have heard of Ralph Sadler but he hasn’t come into anything directly to do with Anne that I’m aware of. If you notice anything in his papers though, please let me know.


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