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I’m planning on boosting the blog much more this year, not least with more frequent posts. I’m a little less busy this year (well, the next six months anyway!) so I’d like to spend some more time on the blog because I really enjoy it and people have said some very kind things about it the last year or so. I’m going to be much more focused on history this year and have several ideas for things I’d like to do with the blog and beyond. Although I don’t blog about writing, I blog about what I write about and I have been thinking of jumping on the Kindle bandwagon by self-publishing some short historical non-fiction at some point, in the first half of the year if possible..

I also thought I’d join Rachael Harrie of Rach Writes in her Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign.

Rachael’s campaigns have been going for a wee while now and she recommended the use of Salesforce journey maps at this page in order to boost this blog to it’s full potential and all the participants seem to have had a great, and productive, time. If you’re interested in joining in, registration is open until 15 Feb and is really easy- just follow the link.

21 thoughts on “Blog Boosting

  1. Keri

    Sounds great! I commend you for committing publicly to your goals 🙂 I’ve been thinking of stepping of the posting frequency of AWH from once a week to twice a week, but I haven’t said anything about it cuz I’m a coward!! ;-D

    Anyway, I’ve been loving your blog the past couple of months and look forward to reading more great posts. Hey, if you need help with anything drop me an email!

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks so much- it’s so nice to hear that people enjoy the blog.

      I am hoping to embarrass myself into more frequent posting! I love blogging but real life has a habit of getting in the way.

      I’ve just subscribed to your blog. I love finding other people who’re interested in historical women. I’ll add a link to it as I’m sure my readers will enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks too for your kind offer- I may take you up on it.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Scott. Nice to meet you. I mainly write non-fiction (history/biography) but I’m messing about with bits of historical fiction too. No Mary Stuart though- I tend towards sixteenth century France and Italy (though MS could fit into the former easily enough). Have had a quick look at your blog- what a great resource! Thanks for your comment. I hope to get to know you a bit better over the next few weeks of Rachael’s campaign.

  2. Rossandra

    Who can resist a blog with the words harlots and harridans in it? My mom liked those words, never harpie though : ) I’m stopping by from the memoir section of the campaign to say hello.

  3. Erik Von Norden

    I very much enjoyed your blog, Harlots, Harpies & Harridans. Why no recent posts? I am working on a history book-blog of my own, which can be seen at [one word], then clicking on either the “sample chapter” or “blog” buttons at the top. My Rube Goldberg brain asks with an odd, well-caffeinated kind of logic: Why is there an inverse proportion between the size of the print and the importance of the message? Art. Literature. Science. Military. Religion. I call this eccentric thinking the Theory of Irony and if your busy schedule permits, give a read, leave a comment or create a link. In any event, best of luck with your endeavor.

    P.S. It concerns Classical, Medieval and Modern eras.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks, Erik. I’m glad you enjoyed it. There have been no posts for ages because I am currently working on a PhD and that doesn’t leave me much time for other research. I hope to come back to this at some point though.

      I will try to find time to have a look at your site.


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